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The hospitable coast of the fertile Aegean Sea is undoubtedly the place with the most delicious seafood and unique dishes. We have selected for you the most beautiful restaurants, which we call the pearls of the Aegean coast, and we suggest you visit them during your sailing trip on a yacht to enjoy these unique and special flavors.

If you are tired of travel and miss the land and society, there is nothing better than to moor your yacht and go to the best restaurant on the coast near Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye or another resort. You are in a very beautiful area, where every day the sea gives its gifts – the most delicious seafood. We are also fortunate to have a charming kitchen where these special products are blended. Enjoy these flavors too!

So let’s take a look at 10 of the finest restaurants on the Aegean and Mediterranean coast, some of which are luxurious and some of which look simple, but the cuisine is just as sophisticated.



Adaia, located in one of the most beautiful bays of Göcek, is a special place for boaters as it cannot be reached by land. In Adaya, you will start your day with a delicious and ecological breakfast, all vegetables are grown in the garden beds near the restaurant. The restaurant offers its guests a relaxed atmosphere with tables under olive trees, includes meat and fish on the menu … Traditional shish kebabs and lahmajun cakes cooked in a stone oven are especially delicious here. Adaia Göcek is celebrated as a “must-see” destination.

D-Maris Bay

La Guérite

La Guérite, located in D-Maris Bay in Marmaris, welcomes its guests with traditional Mediterranean cuisine. La Guérite’s branches in Bart and Cannes are frequented by celebrities such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Leonardo DiCaprio, Wiz Khalifa and Adrian Brody. Popular chef Giannis Kioroglu delights in barbecuing, baking and special simmering methods. In addition, La Guérite is the center of attraction with its unforgettable parties and famous DJs.


Bozburun Yat Kulübü

Walking past Sabrinas Haus, you will immediately come across the Bozburun Yacht Club, which was created after Edham Dirvana’s father, Suleiman Dirvana, turned the region he bought as a summer residence into a boutique hotel and restaurant, a very sophisticated place. … His cuisine is perfect and refined. Legendary dishes prepared by Edham Dirvana’s mother, Zeynep Hanım, are delightful. The club also offers its visitors such services as a library, internet, laundry. Before coming here, be sure to reserve a table in advance, as no more than 8-10 yachts can moor at the pier, and in the summer months it is quite crowded here.

D-Maris Bay

Manos Taverna

Manos, the famous tavern of Symi, one of our favorite islands in neighboring Greece, offers the most special Greek cuisine. With its delicious seafood, snacks, homemade warm breads, authentic music and cozy evenings, Manos brings the Greek atmosphere to Marmaris. If you’re lucky enough to be in Manos in D-Maris Bay, be sure to try the grilled sea bass and octopus in salt, and don’t miss out on the smoked mussels and lobster.


Sardunya Restoran

Sardunya is one of the oldest restaurants in Selimiye, which was once a tiny fishing village and today is one of the most popular summer resorts. It is almost impossible to find a free table in this restaurant without a reservation. Snacks made from vegetables grown in our own garden, fisherman’s pastries and perch are some of the dishes that make Sardinia special.

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D-Maris Bay


Inspired by the informal izakaya dining style, ZUMA showcases its contemporary Japanese cuisine that is known to be authentic but not traditional. Meals to be shared are created in three different cooking styles: main kitchen, sushi cuisine and robata grill, offering different textures and flavors.

D-Maris Bay

Nusr Et

Nothing beats the Nusr-Et gastronomic experience for a dinner under the stars or lunch steak show. The restaurant was conceived by Nusret Gökçe, also known as Salt Bae, a Turkish chef and butcher sensation. It is located on the BAY BEACH.


Kebap Guru

Kebab Guru, which has managed to secure its place among the best businesses in Bodrum, is distinguished in its sector by its taste, quality and service. Kebab Guru, which has managed to secure its place among the best businesses in Bodrum, is distinguished in its sector by its taste, quality and service.


Breeze Restoran

Breeze Restaurant welcomes you with its white wood décor against a blue backdrop. Breeze, located next to the only beach in the center of Göcek, offers a variety of menus for lunch and dinner. In addition to light meals and snacks, seafood is also offered here.


İncir Restoran

İncir Restaurant is located in one of the most delightful places, in the turquoise blue bay in Orhaniye. It offers its guests the most beautiful and special examples of Cretan cuisine. So don’t miss Cretan pasta, Cretan pastries and Cretan zucchini. You can moor the yacht at the pier of the restaurant, and you can also enjoy the sea on its beach.


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