If you are tired of noise, crowds and crowded beaches. If you want to start your every day on an uncharted and unspoiled beach. If you prefer to truly enjoy the sea and nature, then the time has come for you to go on a SEA JOURNEY ON THE PERSONAL YACHT. Welcome aboard! This means hidden coves amidst emerald green forests and the pristine turquoise surface of the Aegean await you this summer.

So, we offer you a list of things that will harmonize your life during the sea voyage, which we have prepared for you.

14 Important recommendations

Think Simple and Clear

Most importantly, if you are going on vacation on a yacht, do not take a large suitcase with you! Because instead of nightclubs and crowded beach parties, you will have a week of solitude with nature and its energy, and it will be a calm and simple life. So don’t need too many clothes! Now put aside the evening gowns and high heels you put in your suitcase. Keep it simple and bring some shorts and T-shirts, but of course a lot of swimwear and bikinis. Do you feel uncomfortable in your soul because of this? Okay, okay … In case you go to a good restaurant, you can bring a pair of comfortable heels and a stylish dress with you.

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Choose Comfortable Shoes

Speaking of yacht shoes … If you are going on a yacht trip, never wear shoes with solid soles or heels. Otherwise it will be extremely uncomfortable and against the rules. Because a hard sole or heel will scratch the floor of the boat and damage it. Moreover, it can be dangerous for you. Be sure to wear boat-friendly shoes with soft and non-slip soles.

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Let Your Suitcase Do not exceed the size of the cabin

Spacious spaces such as hotel rooms do not await you on a sea cruise. You will have a small cabin, and most likely for two people. Therefore, we recommend choosing a small to medium sized padded suitcase instead of bulky and rigid suitcases so that it can actually be accommodated in the cabin.

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Protect from the sun

The yacht will have a lot of space, as well as sun. So be sure to bring a hat, sunscreen, long-sleeved linen shirt or thin T-shirt, sunglasses.

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Cosmetic Bag

Pack your makeup in travel bags or cosmetic bags, not in large boxes. You can pack it in a padded travel bag with straps. This bag will make your life much easier when you need to shower on the beach. In addition, hanging such a bag in the corner of the cabin will be convenient, everything will always be at hand.

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Don't Stay in the dark

Electricity use on the boat will be somewhat limited as you will be connected to the battery. Therefore, your captain will ask you to save energy. So if you want to read a book in your cabin until the morning, you need a light. It would be a good idea to bring a small flashlight, reading lamp, or best of all, a headlamp with you.

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Don't Forget About The Shore

You won’t be at sea all the time. You will pass by such beautiful bays that you will definitely want to go ashore and take a walk. You might want to climb up and take in the mesmerizing views. So be sure to bring your walking shoes and backpack. Long tights, leggings are also suitable if you do not want your feet to be scratched by grass or stones. Don’t forget to buy a long sleeve shirt with a UV filter for sun protection.

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Waterproof Bag

You might be thinking, “I’m not that adventurous, why would I need a waterproof bag?” But still, sometimes you may need to go ashore by boat or swim, and at such a moment you may very regret not being able to take your mobile phone or money with you.

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Take Precautions

The pleasure of sleeping watching the millions of stars on the deck of the boat is unmatched. Don’t miss this opportunity! when going to deserted bays, we recommend taking a sleeping bag with you. Moreover, it is not clear what the weather will be in the middle of the sea. Even in August, when the heat is scorching, the air in the middle of the sea can be cool. So be sure to bring a long-sleeved T-shirt and soft, comfortable pants, tights, or sweatpants.

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Uninterrupted Music Pleasure

If you do not want to have the electricity problems mentioned in the sixth point, be sure to bring a power supply for your mobile phones with you. Also, music is very important on the ship. Download a lot of good music to your phone to listen to your favorite music while having a pleasant dinner in a quiet bay. If you also buy a bluetooth speaker (waterproof preferred) your music enjoyment will be perfect.

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Correct Medicines

You shouldn’t take half of the pharmacy with you on the cruise. First of all, take those that are not available without a prescription (for example, antibiotics) and which are prescribed for you (if you have a chronic illness). The second most important are drugs for motion sickness (Dramina or the like), analgesics and antipyretics, something for indigestion (Smecta, Enterofuril). Be sure to put Regidron in the first-aid kit: on a cruise there is a risk of dehydration (due to seasickness, heatstroke), and this drug restores the water-electrolyte balance. Well, where without iodine, a plaster and a bandage (especially if you take new shoes with you or are going on extreme excursions.

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No, we are not joking. Dried ginger is a long-standing remedy for seasickness, known to medieval pirates. You may not need to swallow pills, which also have side effects: try putting a slice of ginger in your mouth first.

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Most Beautifil Cruise Routes

This is a journey through the most secluded and beautiful places of the Aegean coast. Listen to your captain’s recommendations and choose your best route.

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Vist the best restaurants on the coast

If you are tired of travel and miss the land and society, there is nothing better than to moor your yacht and go to the best restaurant in Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye or another resort. We live in such a beautiful area and receive seafood – the most delicious seafood. We are also fortunate to have a charming kitchen where these special products are blended. Enjoy it too!

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Of course, this is not a complete list of what you can take with you on a cruise. When packing for a cruise, proceed from what you cannot do without in the first place. And put everything else on the leftover principle.
You won’t find perfect recommendations for “what to take with you on a yacht” until you have lived on the boat for a while. And “what to take” depends on many factors, so usually the advice is either highly simplified or extremely unnecessary.

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