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A charter yacht vacation can be virtually anywhere in the world that your budget allows. Gulet Rentals Bodrum is renowned for its weather, fishing and splendor. Two of these places provide bounty or leisure. Deep sea fishing, jet skiing, scuba diving and swimming with dolphins and turtles and more.

Crystal blue waters blend with marine life, reefs and ruins. The scuba diving is incredible. Questing in humble towns is a hunter’s paradise at discounted prices. Perhaps it is your desire to cruise the stunning azure waters in a unique location aboard your private boat. Like me, and absolutely everyone else, you do not get more youth, it’s time when you made this dream a reality.

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Day 1

Day 1 Bodrum, Aquarium Bay (Adabogazi)

The first destination of your blue gulet trip is Bodrum. Bodrum, a city rich in ancient history, is also one of the top tourist attractions in Turkey. Historical scholars know it as Halicarnassus, where the Mausoleum of the Mausoleum is located, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The modern term “mausoleum” comes from his name. Unfortunately, we can no longer see this place, as the Knights Hospitallers used the stones of the mausoleums to build another impressive structure – the imposing Bodrum Castle. This 15th century building is located on the seafront and was the foundation of the city of Petronium, which is today Bodrum. The castle houses the underwater archaeological museum of Bodrum.

* Aquarium Bay is a pristine cove with long sandy beaches and aquamarine water. Situated between Bitez and Gumbet, this amazing bay will provide an amazing respite during your Blue Cruise journey. Enjoy a relaxing respite on an explored bay in the Bay Area and watch ducks and geese join you in these amazing waters.

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Day 2

Day 2 Knidos, Palamutbuku, Datca

In the extreme south-west of Turkey, on the Datca peninsula, there is a small archaeological town of Knidos. This is one of the best historical legends in Turkey, preserved in excellent condition. You will find the Statue of Demeter in one place, and there were two Lions in the ancient harbor that stood guard, but they are now in the British Museum in London. The main attractions are the Temple of Aphrodite and the Necropolis. Excavations continue, and for more than half a century more and more amazing finds have been discovered. Since Knidos is considered a remote area, the best way to reach it is by gulet. This is a must stop for all yacht charters and is one site that will provide many great memories as well as photos.

* At the tip of the southern coast of the Datca Peninsula of Turkey nestles the lovely town of Palamutbuku. This amazing quiet town, close to the historic ruins of Knidos, is home to some of the most desired long and quiet beaches, green streets, and walled gardens. Like a fairytale town come to life, as you walk along the seaside and look down into some of the clearest waters in the Aegean. In fact, you can walk well into the sea, and be able to see every stone and fish around your feet even when the waters reach head high. The sea is full of fish and many a dinner is caught just moments before it is on your plate, served alongside exceptionally tasty local produce. What is still wonderful is that this coast is still virgin from all the expected tourism, and the town hosts many wonderful taverns and restaurants, as well as the amazing residents that make your stay even more memorable.

One of the popular coastal stops is Datca, a small southern shore yachting stop over 75kms west of Marmaris. Datca is located in an area that provides you with many small covers along the peninsula, so you can anchor along the coastline and enjoy a swim in the privacy of your own cove. The coast is dotted with small fishing villages and farming towns, and the local tomatoes and olives are famous for their depth of taste.  While visiting Datca, enjoy some local produce and maybe even ask your chef to use it as a staple ingredient.

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Day 3

Day 3 Aktur Bay, Dirsekbuku, Bozburun

Aktur Gulf on the Datca Peninsula has received an amazing award as the best gulf for gulet cruises in Turkey. This is some achievement and should not be discounted. Aktur is located between Datca and Kurukabuk and is the narrowest part of the peninsula. The two spheres of water are constrained by a narrow patch of land. The Persian army back in 550 BC (Xerxes & 300) built a tunnel so that it could go directly to Gokova Bay in order to accelerate the advance of their fleets. Today, Aktur Bay is a vision of beauty that many are trying to emulate, which is perhaps why it is so highly regarded.

* Dirsekbuku is located between Hisonaru Bay and the Aegean Sea. The area has many sheltered coves and hidden coves and is a great stopover spot while sailing from Bodrum to Marmaris. There are quite a few small islands that you can sail past and anchor for a swim or just relax while relaxing with great views.

Bozburun is a beautiful town 45 km west of Marmaris. It is home to a small but modern marina and the city is famous for its shipbuilding industry. Some of the world’s finest wooden boats and gulets are produced here. It is a quiet port city and the road to it is as scenic as the city itself. Boxburun is great for a relaxing evening, which means you won’t find nightlife here. You will find amazing hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants serving local cuisine made with the freshest seafood and locally sourced produce.

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Day 4

Day 4 Serche Bay, Arap Island, Kadirga Port

One of the popular and frequently used sites for Blue Cruises is Serce. This beautiful city has an amazing sheltered harbor and this is the reason for the crystal clear waters. The area has a rich ancient history and many of the local finds are now housed in the Bodrum Underwater Archaeological Museum. Just sailing in the Heart is an experience worth the wait, with many amazing and memorable views along the way. Near the Heart are the ancient cities of Kirkkuylar and Sidilli, where you will find more than 40 cisterns that supplied the inhabitants of this area with fresh water.

* Directly between the Aegean and Mediterranean seas lies the small inhabited islet of Arap. There is a small village in this corner of nature called Tashlik, and when you drop anchor by the beach, you can just stretch your legs and walk 3.5 km to the city on this quiet island and feel the silence of nature.

To the west of Marmaris, you will come to the blue-flagged Kadirga harbor. It has been awarded an award for its amazingly clear water and the perfect respite for a quick swim.

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Day 5

Day 5 Ekincik (Dalyan)

Between Marmaris and Dalyan there is a wonderful Ekinchik bay. The most beautiful thing in this bay is the small Iztuzu beach. Iztuzu Beach is closed for the night as it is a loggerhead turtle nesting site, otherwise it provides a carefree pebbly and sandy beach environment during the day when only a few yachts are moored from its side. Just after the beach, you will find the Dalyan Delta, an explorer’s dream, with its Lycian tombs and the ancient ruined city of Kaunos. If you prefer a more active respite, then try the water sports offered at Ekinchik Bay. In addition to these three activities, which should be enough, there is also a short, bustling walk along the western shores of the Delta that will give you the chance to see a wild boar foraging for food.

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Day 6

Day 6 Gokgemile Bay, Aga Limani

Gokemile Bay is just a few minutes’ walk from Oludeniz. This is a great place to visit, and a short walk to the top of the island will give you a panoramic view of the entire area with all its coves and bays. There are two Aga Limani bays in Fethiye Bay. It is a great anchor point, ideal for swimming, fishing and just enjoying the day. The water is cool here, as it is associated with an underwater stream of fresh water descending from the mountains. The sea water is crystal clear, but if you prefer to travel by land, then take an hour’s walk to the ancient city of Lida. Here you will find many archaeological discoveries and the trail leading there is extremely delightful.

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Day 7

Day 7 Tersane Island, Yassija Islands, Gocek Island

The largest island in Fthiye Bay is Tersane Island, also known as Dockyard Island. This bay has a channel 100 meters deep that was used by the Ottoman Navy, hence the name of the shipyard island. There are many bays in the bay area, and in the east there is the Summer Harbor. The western side of the bay is little used due to the strong winds that prevail for most of the year. There is an ancient ruined city called Telandria nearby and if you want to stretch your legs while traveling around Turkey this is a great place to do so.

* In the Gulf of Fethiye lie the Yassija Islands, these are uninhabited islands ideal for swimming, visiting and just swimming. Most of these islands have secluded beaches that provide a secluded atmosphere for relaxation, and you can while away the hours swimming and enjoying the silence. Apart from relaxation, you can also enjoy a variety of water sports here, especially child-safe water sports that provide a great daytime activity for your children. The beaches and seashores are rocky, so be prepared to hike in proper nautical shoes. Some islands are so close to each other that you can swim from one island to another, which is a lot of fun and creates an atmosphere of competition. The nearest port is in Gocek, and this is where most of the one-day tourists come from. Try to stay into the sunset when the cameras are out, and some of the most romantic and breathtaking shots can be taken during these late afternoon hours.

Gocek is the starting point for a local tour of 12 islands, and the island of the same name is closest to the harbor, perhaps 10 minutes sailing? Those who do not want to sail can visit its beach, where many will stop during their trip to the islands. Gocek Island offers refreshing drinks throughout the sailing season. If you wish, you can safely camp under the trees and just relax.

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Day 8

Day 8 Gocek

You arrive at Gocek at the end of your blue voyage, after taking in all the wonders of the Mediterranean, possibly also the Aegean and Adriatic. When you berth in Gocek, take some time off before you leave to the airport. Enjoy the wonders of this beautiful town and take one last taste of all that Turkey has to offer. Walking the promenade and enjoying the sunset. Maybe that carpet you saw when you arrived is still waiting for you to buy it and place it at home, providing extra warm, memories of an ancient coastline and land filled with warm wonders and experiences.

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