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Marmaris is a city in southwestern Turkey, a popular resort and port. A small pretty town with beautiful bays, promenades and excellent beaches. It is one of the most popular beach holiday destinations in Turkey. Marmaris is located on the border of the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas. The city stretches along a vast coastline that is surrounded by picturesque pine-clad mountains, secluded coves and beautiful beaches.

Marmaris is located in a bay surrounded by mountains on all sides, access to the sea is blocked by an island, so the water here is almost always calm and clean. The city is surrounded by national parks that protect unique pine groves with their inherent ecosystems.

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Sedir Island

Sedir Adası – also called the Island, Cleopatra. In addition to the beach on the island, you will see an antique amphitheater, and the remains of the ancient city of Kedrai.

Traveling by sea to the island sets you in a romantic mood, and its end point makes hearts flutter. Secrets, legends, steeped in time and washed by transparent sea water, allow you to transfer your thoughts to pleasant memories or dream of love and happiness.

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Turunç Bay

Turunç – One of the few Turkish beaches marked with the Blue Flag is Turunc – in the village of the same name. Vacationers are waiting not only for clear water and the purest sandy coast, but also for a picturesque view: the beach is located in a small bay, sandwiched among green rocks. There are relatively few tourists here.

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Kumbuluk Bay

Kumbuluk Bay is recognized as one of the best. The coast is sandy and pebbly, the water is clear, changing color from pale green to bright blue.

a strip of coastline surrounded by green mountains.

The bay where Kumlubuk is located is quite spacious. The beach stretches for more than a kilometer, the width of the coast in the center reaches  half a dozen meters, towards the outskirts it narrows to several meters. The coast is mainly covered with small and medium pebbles, partly covered with sand, through which pebbles appear.

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The most picturesque and clean beaches are located outside the city limits of Marmaris. These include Icmeler.

The beaches in the village are sandy and pebbly, and the seabed is gently sloping and rocky, so the water is clean and transparent. This attracts lovers of diving and snorkeling here: here you can see octopuses, tuna, corals, turtles and other inhabitants of the deep-sea world.

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Boncuk Bay

A cozy bay, surrounded by rocky mountains covered with coniferous forests, protects the beaches from the winds and creates a sense of tranquility and seclusion. The water here is so clean and transparent that the rocky bottom is clearly visible even at a depth of several meters.

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Burdubet is another bay hidden among the pine trees. This natural area is under special protection, so there is no housing here. In Birdubet you can go canoeing, walking in the woods, cycling and enjoying swimming.

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İncekum- As the name suggests, this place attracts tourists with a beach of very fine sand and azure sea. It is quite difficult to get to Incekum – it is located on the opposite side of Cleopatra Beach (Sedir Island).

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Hisarönü is a picturesque place that combines secluded coves, fjords, lagoons and white beaches. The water in Hisaronu is so clean and transparent that the bottom of the bay can be seen at a depth of ten to fifteen meters.

One of the most attractive holiday destinations in Turkey, in the vicinity of Marmaris, is Hisaronu Bay. It belongs to the waters of the Aegean Sea, but is located, in fact, at the very junction of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. The name Hisaronu in translation from Turkish means “The Bay of Fortresses”, which corresponds to reality – traveling along its coast you can see several ancient fortresses and castles.

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