7 nights / 8 days / Marmaris

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Day 1

Day 1 Marmaris

Arriving on your yacht in the middle of the day and getting ready to sail, take one day to enjoy the city of Marmaris and all that it has to offer. The city is always crowded, day and night, and you have a wide variety of food and entertainment options. It’s also time to stock up on any extra items you want before heading out on your sail. While Marmaris has a lot to offer, you might consider dining aboard your yacht, enjoying the excellent services of a personal chef who is the first of many, and watching the bustling city and harbor in action.

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Day 2

Day 2 Arap Island, Bozukkale (Lorima)

Right between the Aegean and Mediterranean seas lies the small, inhabited islet of Arap. There is a small village in this corner of nature called Tashlik, and when you drop anchor by the beach, you can just stretch your legs and walk 3.5 km to the city on this quiet island and feel the silence of nature.

* Bozukkale is a beautiful ancient city located in a heart-shaped bay with an old nine-tower castle dating back to the renaissance period. It is located southwest of Marmaris and is home to the ancient harbor of Lorima. The ancient Athenian fleet used (Lorima) Bozukkale as a base for over a century between 305 and 395 BC. This maze city has magnificent views of the entire Aegean Sea, which is why it was chosen as a permanent training ground for the fleets. Today it is a permanent playground for yachts looking for a perfect place for their passengers. The many ancient attractions and modern amenities make Bozukkale an ideal place to visit during your boating trip.

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Day 3

Day 3 Datca

One of the popular coastal stops is Datca, a small southern shore yachting stop over 75kms west of Marmaris. Datca is located in an area that provides you with many small covers along the peninsula, so you can anchor along the coastline and enjoy a swim in the privacy of your own cove. The coast is dotted with small fishing villages and farming towns, and the local tomatoes and olives are famous for their depth of taste. While visiting Datca, enjoy some local produce and maybe even ask your chef to use it as a staple ingredient.

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Day 4

Day 4 Aktur Bay, Benchik Bay

Aktur Bay on the Datca Peninsula has received an amazing award as the best bay in Turkey. This is some achievement and shouldn’t be discounted. Aktur is located between Datca and Kurukabuk and is the narrowest part of the peninsula. Two spheres of water are held back by a narrow patch of land. The Persian army back in 550 BC (Xerxes & 300) built a tunnel so that it could connect directly to Gokova Bay to speed up the advance of their fleets. Today, Aktur Bay is a vision of beauty that many are trying to emulate, which is perhaps why it is so highly regarded.

* Opposite Selimiye in Hisaronu Bay is the small Benchik Bay. It is right by Gokova Bay and is well worth a visit even if you don’t like the place due to the lack of amenities. The natural beauty of this place makes it possible to hold many unforgettable photo sessions.

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Day 5

Day 5 Selimiye Bay, Orhaniye Bay

Selimiye village is located in Hisaronu Bay. What can be added to the already existing pantheon of words praising this amazing place. One of the most striking and characteristic natural phenomena occurs during sunset, when the color of the villages changes to dark red. To the south of the village there is an ancient Hellenistic castle and tomb located about 100 meters from the coast. The tomb has served as a navigational landmark for centuries. Selimiye offers a lighthouse, theater and monastery, as well as its clear waters and amazing local cuisine. The village is also a farming town and local produce is harvested and served alongside freshly caught seafood. Everything is prepared and provided along with excellent local wine.

* Orhaniye is located on the Bozburun Peninsula near Marmaris and is home to one of the most attractive beaches in all of Turkey, Kizkumu Beach. Orhaniye gives you access to the famous Black Night Castle as well as a lovely village filled with deep cultural heritage. The village is also famous for its amazing variety of dishes that attract tourists from all over the world. The dock is always busy and the bay is always full of yachts arriving and departing from this world-class resort.

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Day 6

Day 6 Bozburun

Bozburun is a beautiful town 45 km west of Marmaris. It is home to a small but modern marina and the city is famous for its shipbuilding industry. Some of the world’s finest wooden boats and gulets are produced here. It is a quiet port city and the road to it is as scenic as the city itself. Bozburun is great for a quiet evening, which means you won’t find nightlife here. You will find amazing hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants serving local cuisine made with the freshest seafood and locally sourced produce.

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Day 7

Day 7 Kadirga Harbor, Star Island (Nimara)

To the west of Marmaris, you will come to the blue-flagged Kadirga harbor. It has been awarded an award for its amazingly clear water and the perfect respite for a quick swim.

* One of the most beautiful peninsulas near Marmaris is Yildiz Island. This island offers its many visitors a variety of cafes and restaurants scattered throughout the island. This is one of the few islands where you can literally spend a whole day and never get bored. There are many opportunities for swimming and snorkeling to choose from. There is also a bay called the “wrong channel” because it resembles a channel at night, and many sailors made the mistake of going down, eventually crashing against its rocky end.

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Day 8

Day 8 Marmaris

After completing your long and exhilarating journey across the Mediterranean and maybe the Aegean and Adriatic Seas, you return to Marmaris and prepare to head back home. This is a great time to spend the day in this amazing city. Marmaris is a gem, aptly named “Turquoise Coast” and gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the flavors of the Mediterranean and Turkey before you head home. It’s time to take a final shopping trip and collect memorabilia and local merchandise before leaving.

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