7 nights / 8 days / Marmaris

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Day 1

Day 1 Marmaris

On the first day of your gulet cruise, after arriving at the yacht in the middle of the day and preparing to sail, simply set aside one day to enjoy the city of Marmaris and all that it has to offer. The city is always crowded, day and night, and you have a wide variety of food and entertainment options. It’s also time to stock up on any extra items you want before heading out on your sail. While Marmaris has a lot to offer, you might consider dining aboard your yacht, enjoying the excellent services of a personal chef who is the first of many, and watching the bustling city and harbor in action.

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Day 2

Day 2 Ekincik (Dalyan)

Between Marmaris and Dalyan lays the wonderful bay of Ekincik. What is most beautiful in this bay is small Iztuzu Beach. Iztuzu Beach is closed at night since it is a nesting ground for the loggerhead turtle, otherwise it provides a carefree pebble and sand beach environment during the day, when only a few yachts are moored off its side. Just after the beach you will find the Dalyan Delta, and this is an explorers dream, with its Lycian tombs and the ancient ruined city of Kaunos. If you prefer a more active respite, then take to some of the water sports offered in the bay of Ekincik. Apart from these three activities, which should be enough, there is also a short brisk walk along the western banks of the Delta that will provide you with a chance to spot a wild boar foraging for food.

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Day 3

Day 3 Tersane Island, Cleopatra`s Bath, Kizil Ada

The biggest island in the Gulf of Fethiye is Tersane Island, known also as Shipyard Island. This bay has a 100 meter deep channel that was used by the Ottoman navy, hence the name shipyard island. The bay area has a lot of coves and towards the east lies the Summer harbor. The west side of the bay is not used much due to the strong winds that prevail most of the year. There is an ancient ruined town nearby called Telandria, and if you want to stretch your legs while sail Turkey, this is a great place to do so.

*While sailing along the coast near Hvar, there is a smaller island, it is Šćedro island, and you will be able to anchor in Manastir Bay. The bay is named after the abandoned monastery found just overlooking the bay, it was constantly pillaged by pirates until it was abandoned. And left to ruin. Šćedro Island is home to a crater lake as well as some lovely trails. The bay area is exceptional and that is why Blue Cruises will always stop here. There are a few restaurants sitting in the bay, with lovely pergolas calling you to enjoy the shade and feel the gentle breeze, as you sip wine and watch the yachts come and go. This is not a place to restock, but it is a great stay over for a night and enjoy a dinner under the stars over calm waters. The bay light sup at night, and is a tranquil spot of serenity.

Kizil island is considered to be a magical place at sunset. The islands name means red and the grounds color is red. However, it is at sunset when the whole island transforms, all the stones turn crimson red, providing you with an amazing photographic shoot. The island is uninhabited, apart from a lighthouse that is located on the southern tip. The Deliktas isles re located to the north west and are considered to be another great place to anchor, but for swimming and fishing.

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Day 4

Day 4 Fethiye

The sea side city of Fethiye is located half an hour’s drive from Dalaman Airport. It is a well-known tourist center in the South West of Turkey, and has a lot of bars, restaurants and many different day and night entertainment spots. Fethyie in itself is steeped in history with a number of exciting archeological sites and the area is steeped in layered culture, built over centuries. The city has three marina’s, all with modern facilities. Fethiye is a great spot for starting or finishing a yacht charter and has quite a few islands dotting its coastline adding spice to an already colorful city with a lot of local cuisine to whet your taste buds.

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Day 5

Day 5 Yassitsa Islands

In the Gulf of Fethiye lie the Yasitsa Islands, these are uninhabited islands ideal for swimming, visiting and just swimming. Most of these islands have secluded beaches that provide a secluded atmosphere for relaxation, and you can while away the hours swimming and enjoying the silence. Apart from relaxation, you can also enjoy a variety of water sports here, especially child-safe water sports that provide a great daytime activity for your children. The beaches and seashores are rocky, so be prepared to hike in proper nautical shoes. Some islands are so close to each other that you can swim from one island to another, which is a lot of fun and creates an atmosphere of competition. The nearest port is in Gocek, and this is where most of the one-day tourists come from. Try to stay at sunset, admire the luxury yacht – the cameras turn on at this time, and during these late hours you can take some of the most romantic and breathtaking pictures.

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Day 6

Day 6 Sarsala Bay, Bedri Rahmi Bay (Tasyaka), Aga Limani

Yachtsmen love cruises in Turkey, especially in the Sarsala Bay, as it is a natural cove that offers great swimming opportunities as well as a good place to spend the night. There is a pontoon in the bay that leads to the restaurant and the surrounding landscape is amazing. There is a valley that leads inland through a dense forest of trees. The beach itself is rocky, so be prepared.

* Bedri Rahmi Bay is named after the famous Turkish writer Bedri Rahmi Eyyuboglu, who used to fish in the bay, which has been known as the Dark Bay since the days of Lycia. On one of his fishing trips in 1973, he painted a fish on a rock at the entrance to

the bay, giving the rock a new name “Fish Rock”, is now the name of the entire region. This bay is well protected, so the winds do not prevail, and the colors are distinct, and the clear azure water contrasts with the green pines, olive trees and oleanders that inhabit the hillside. The overall effect is enhanced by clear blue skies.

There are two Aga Limani bays in Fethiye Bay. It is a great anchor point, ideal for swimming, fishing and just enjoying the day. The water is cool here, as it is associated with an underwater stream of fresh water descending from the mountains. The sea water is crystal clear, but if you prefer to travel by land, take an hour’s walk to the ancient city of Lida. Here you will find many archaeological discoveries and the trail leading there is extremely delightful.

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Day 7

Day 7 Kadirga Harbor, Star Island (Nimara)

The next stop on your gulet journey is west of Marmaris, where you will arrive at the blue flag and shelter in Kadirga harbor. It has been awarded an award for its amazingly clear water and the perfect respite for a quick swim.

* One of the most beautiful peninsulas near Marmaris is Yildiz Island. This island offers its many visitors a variety of cafes and restaurants scattered throughout the island. This is one of the few islands where you can literally spend a whole day and never get bored. There are many opportunities for swimming and snorkeling to choose from. There is also a bay called the “wrong channel” because it resembles a channel at night, and many sailors made the mistake of going down, eventually crashing against its rocky end.

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Day 8

Day 8 Marmaris

After finishing your long and exhilarating blue voyage Turkey across the Mediterranean, maybe the Aegean and Adriatic too, you arrive back in Marmaris and prepare for your return home. This is a great moment to enjoy a day’s stay over in this amazing city. Marmaris is a jewel, its name is appropriate “Turquoise coast” and it provides you with every taste of the Mediterranean and Turkey before you leave for home. This is the time to take that last shopping walk and collect the memorable items and local wares before leaving.

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