Exotic and mysterious Turkey is the perfect country to discover on your honeymoon. Explore its rustic coastline in style and luxury aboard your very own magnificently majestic traditional wooden gulet on a unique sea cruise unique to Turkey. Alternatively, you can charter a bareboat or crewed motor yacht to experience all the joys this country has to offer you. Turkey, the meeting point of Western and Eastern cultures, has two destinations in one!

While many of Hisaronu’s bays promise total tranquility, Selimiye offers many opportunities with traditional fishing villages surrounded by almond trees and olive groves such as the ancient Gida, beautiful beaches, local markets and restaurants decorated with tables thrown onto the beaches. The translucent and deep waters of Gökova Bay on the southern coast of the Bodrum Peninsula range charmingly from deep blue to light turquoise, while trees of all shades of green grow along the coast. In the evenings, the sea reflects the silhouette of the mountains against the sunset, while at night the region’s glowing phosphors create a spectacle.

In the north, pine trees descend to the shore, and olive trees adorn the coastline. This region is home to the most beautiful bays of the Aegean Sea, providing tranquility. The bounty of nature here can be defined as an interweaving of blue and green and a hug, like two magnificent birds in a nest.

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