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Göcek is a town located at the bay of the same name in the Gulf of Fethiye, in the very north of the bay. Recently it has become a favorite meeting place for yachtsmen and sailors. In the bays of this region, you can see a variety of yachts all year round, ranging from the most luxurious latest models to the smallest. Gocek is located just 22 km from Dalaman International Airport. Just a few hours flight from anywhere in the world and you can enjoy the unique palette of these places, which includes all shades of blue and green.

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Sarsala bay is one of the most romantic places. Closed, quiet bay, a little wild. So calm and comfortable that time takes on a completely different character. The water is always warm and very clean, and the coast is covered with century-old pine trees that have a very fragrant smell.

Here you instantly feel how the body begins to heal. Fresh air, pine trees, sea water and a healthy diet instantly revitalize and improve your mood.

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Tersane Island

The entrance to the bay is hidden by the natural landscape of the island, from the water it is practically invisible, so not everyone comes to Tersana.

You can swim directly from the yacht pontoon, the water is very clean.

It is the largest island in the Gokova Bay. Before the deportation, Greeks lived on the island. On the plain in the center of the island, there are several ruined houses and a church. Two bays named Yaz (summer) and Kysh (winter) often serve as a stopover for ships and yachts on our cruises.

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Bedri Rahmi Bay

This bay was named after Bedri Rahmi Eyyupoglu, a famous Turkish poet and writer, who, while traveling in 1974, painted frescoes depicting fish on the rocks? In this bay.

Bedri Rahmi Eyyuboglu,  came to fish in the bay, which was previously known as the Dark Bay since Lycian times.

During one of his fishing trips in 1973, he painted a fish on a rock at the entrance to the bay, giving the rock a new name “Fish Rock”, as the whole area is now called. This cove is well protected so the winds do not prevail and the colors are magnifficent, with clear azure water contrasting with the green pine trees, olive trees and oleanders that inhabit the hillside. The overall effect is exaggerated by the clear blue skies.

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Kleopatra Bay

There is a legend that it was here that Cleopatra and Marcus Antonio spent their honeymoon. And for the sake of his beloved, he brought white sand to the bay from the shores of the Red Sea. The sea here is fantastically beautiful, the water is clear and the sand is white.

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Göbün Bay

The entrance is extremely narrow, which adds excitement and mystery. Once inside the bay, you will find tombs carved into the rock, and the entire area is covered with olive and pine trees.

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Yassica Islands

Yassica Islands-are a favorite stopover for our boats and yachts. In total, the group includes five miniature islets located at a short distance from each other. The largest island has a long sandy promontory stretching far into the sea, at the very end of which there is a shallow natural pool.

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