7 nights / 8 days / Gocek

A charter yacht vacation can be virtually anywhere in the world that your budget allows. Gulet rentals in Gocek are famous for both the weather and the fishing, as well as the splendor. Two of these places offer lavish entertainment or leisure. Deep sea fishing, jet skiing, scuba diving and swimming with dolphins and turtles and more.

Crystal blue waters blend with marine life, reefs and ruins. The scuba diving is incredible. Questing in humble towns is a hunter’s paradise at discounted prices. Perhaps it is your desire to cruise the stunning azure waters in a unique location aboard your enclosed boat. Like me, and absolutely everyone else, you do not get a younger youth, it’s time when you made this dream come true.

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Day 1

Day 1 Gocek

Upon arrival in Göcek and after you’ve settled in your gulet, it’s time to explore the city and enjoy your first day of Turkish delight. This beautiful Mediterranean seaside resort boasts 6 marinas and hundreds of yachts scattered across the harbor and skyline. Immersed in your first impressions, take a trip to Göcek and enjoy your first day before setting sail. Since your personal chef prepares custom meals for you, now is the time to check if any special ingredients are needed. You can also enjoy your first day of walking and shopping at Gocek market and shops.

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Day 2

Day 2 Kille Buku, Bedri Rahmi Bay (Tasyaka)

Kille Buku bay is located between Boyruz Buku and Tasyaka. This place is considered a great picnic spot for travelers coming from Gocek as it is heavily shaded by trees.

One of the highlights of a gulet holiday in Turkey is Bedri Rahmi Bay, named after the famous Turkish writer Bedri Rahmi Eyyuboglu, who used to fish in the bay that has been known as the Dark Bay since the days of Lycia. On one of his fishing trips in 1973, he painted a fish on a rock at the entrance to the bay, giving the rock its new name, Fish Rock, now the name of the entire area. This bay is well protected, so the winds do not prevail, and the colors are distinct, and the clear azure water contrasts with the green pines, olive trees and oleanders that inhabit the hillside. The overall effect is enhanced by clear blue skies.

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Day 3

Day 3 Sarsala Bay, Baths of Cleopatra

The next stop for your private gulet in Turkey is Sarsala Bay. Sarsala Bay is loved by boaters because it is a natural bay offering excellent swimming opportunities and a good place to spend the night. There is a pontoon in the bay that leads to the restaurant and the surrounding landscape is amazing. There is a valley that leads inland through a dense forest of trees. The beach itself is rocky, so be prepared.

* While sailing along the coast near Hvar there is a smaller island, this is the island of Scedro, and you can anchor in the Gulf of Manastir. The bay is named after an abandoned monastery that was found right above the bay, which was constantly plundered by pirates until it was abandoned. And he stayed to go broke. The island of Šcedro has a crater lake and several beautiful trails. The Bay Area is exceptional, which is why Blue Cruises will always stop here. The bay has several restaurants with lovely gazebos that invite you to enjoy the shade and breeze while you sip your wine and watch the yachts come and go. It is not a restocking place, but it is a great place to sleep and dine under the stars above the calm waters. At night, the bay is covered with light, and there is a serene tranquility.

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Day 4

Day 4 Gobun Bay, Yavansu Bay

Gobun Bay is located next to Domuz Bay. The entrance to Domuz is very narrow, which adds excitement and mystery. Once inside the bay, you will find tombs carved into the rock, and the entire area is covered with olive and pine trees. Yavansu, or Chaika Bay, is a popular tourist destination for family gulets. Fig trees and small streams flowing from the mountains grow in the bay. However, fresh water is only for animals and not for humans. The name “Sea Gull” comes from the mosaic found in the bay and is associated with the ancient city of Arimaxa, located on the top of the hill. Arimaxa is home to four Roman mausoleums and a Hellenistic tomb, as well as a Byzantine cistern, which bears witness to the long history of the place.

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Day 5

Day 5 Domuz Island, Tersane Island

Although this island is now called Prince’s Island, it was originally known as Domuz Island, which means Port Island, named after the many wild pigs that flourished here. There are no pigs on Prince’s Island today, but serene beauty reigns.

The largest island in the Gulf of Fethiye is Tersane Island, also known as Shipyard Island. This bay has a channel 100 meters deep that was used by the Ottoman Navy, hence the name of the shipyard island. There are many bays in the bay area, and in the east there is the Summer Harbor. The western side of the bay is little used due to the strong winds that prevail for most of the year. The ancient ruined city of Telandria is nearby, and if you want to stretch your legs and enjoy the blue voyage, this is a great place to do so.

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Day 6

Day 6 Yassica islands

In the Gulf of Fethiye lie the Yassica islands, these are uninhabited islands ideal for swimming, visiting and just swimming. Most of these islands have secluded beaches that provide a secluded atmosphere for relaxation, and you can while away the hours swimming and enjoying the silence. Apart from relaxation, you can also enjoy a variety of water sports here, especially child-safe water sports that provide a great daytime activity for your children. The beaches and seashores are rocky, so be prepared to hike in proper nautical shoes. Some islands are so close to each other that you can swim from one island to another, which is a lot of fun and creates an atmosphere of competition. The nearest port is in Gocek, and this is where most of the one-day tourists come from. Try to stay on a gulet during sunset, this is when the cameras turn on, and during these late afternoon hours you can take some of the most romantic and breathtaking pictures.

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Day 7

Day 7 Boynuzbuku

Near Göcek is Boynuzbükü bay. This bay hides 12 uninhabited islands called the Adalar. A lot of gulet come to enjoy the waters and scenery of this area. It is very close to Fethiye, so day travelers are found in abundance. The island itself has a small restaurant offering local cuisine and freshly caught seafood platters. The bay area is covered with fruit trees that provide a fragrant shade.

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Day 8

Day 8 Gocek

You arrive in Göcek at the end of your journey, having seen all the wonders of the Mediterranean, possibly also the Aegean and Adriatic seas. When you dock in Gocek, take some time before leaving for the airport. Enjoy the wonders of this beautiful city and try all that Turkey has to offer one last time. Walk along the promenade and enjoy the sunset. Maybe the rug you saw on arrival is still waiting to be bought and put at home, providing extra warmth, memories of an ancient coastline and a land filled with warm wonders and experiences. Thank you for choosing Kasme yachting for your gulet trip.

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