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A charter yacht vacation can be almost anywhere in the world that your budget allows. Gulet Holidays The islands are famous for their weather, fishing and splendor. Two of these places provide bounty or leisure. Deep sea fishing, jet skiing, scuba diving and swimming with dolphins and turtles and more.

Crystal blue waters blend with marine life, reefs and ruins. The scuba diving is incredible. Questing in humble towns is a hunter’s paradise at discounted prices. Perhaps it is your desire to cruise the stunning azure waters in a unique location aboard your enclosed boat. Like me, and absolutely everyone else, you do not get a younger youth, it’s time when you made this dream a reality.

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Day 1

Day 1 Bodrum

Departing from Bodrum, it is best to start with something sensational to start your vacation, so sailing on a gulet in Hisaronu Bay and further to Kos, which is right to the east and not far from it, will be a great way to whet your appetite for all the wonderful mysteries that waiting ahead. Imagine Odyssey and look down into the clear blue sea as your yacht sails over horizons that have served Day

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Day 2

Day 2 Kos Island

The next destination of your charter yacht gulet will be the island of Kos. Dodecanese island Kos has become one of the most popular islands in the region, possibly the second after Rhodes. Its rich history includes an impressive fortress, the Castle of the Knights of St. John near the city’s harbor, the ancient plane tree under which Hippocrates taught students, and Asklepion (his ancient sanatorium). Old Corinthian columns are still gathering weeds by the side of the road. The purpose-built marina is located a short distance south of the ferry port. Kos town has a variety of restaurants, taverns, cafes and shops, and night owls will find they work late.humanity for millennia. What was once the garden of Neptune is now your pasture.

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Day 3

Day 3 Gyali Island, Nisyros Island

Gilai is a small volcanic island located south of Kos and higher north of Nisyros. This is not a tourist site, in fact it is a very industrial overburden mining. Here special “Pearly” thermal powder is mined, which is sent all over the world. It’s also a great blue cruise to see how mining can shrink the island. There is a small island nearby where you can drop anchor and enjoy your vacation.

* In the center of the Dodecanese group of islands is the island of Nisyros. This small volcanic island is full of vegetation and has a rich history and culture. The population is about 1000 people, and in the center there is still an active volcano called the Stefanos crater. Mandraki town has a beautiful port and this picturesque village is filled with tourists visiting the natural beauty of this island. There are many small coves to anchor, or you can simply visit Mandraki and admire the white houses with blue windows that stand out from the clear blue skies and the warm brown mountain slope.

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Day 4

Day 4 Ano Symi (Symi Island)

Symi, located near the Datca Peninsula in Turkey, is another relaxing island on a gulet cruise. It is quite small but offers many opportunities to explore. The scenery is beautiful and once back in Ano Symi you will find bars and taverns offering delicious food that you must try with local wine.

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Day 5

Day 5 Rhodes Island

Rhodes, with its UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the largest in the Dodecanese and offers everything a tourist wants. 200 km of coastline for gulet cruises and lodging, charming interiors, good nightlife and rich history. Throughout its history, it has been home to several “civilizations” as well as the former Ancient Wonder of the World, although the Colossus was destroyed by an earthquake many centuries ago. The narrow streets of this walled Old Town can be crowded at times, but the Palace of the Grand Master and the architectural features of the Knights of St. John are well worth a visit. It is caught that the fish is being cooked on coals.

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Day 6

Day 6 Datca, Knidos

One of the popular coastal stops on the Gulet voyage is Datca, a small yacht stop on the southern coast, located more than 75 km west of Marmaris. Datca is located in an area that provides you with many small hideouts along the peninsula, so you can anchor along the coastline and enjoy a swim in the privacy of your own cove. The coast is dotted with small fishing villages and farming towns, and the local tomatoes and olives are renowned for their flavor. While visiting Datca, try local produce and maybe even ask your chef to use them as a main ingredient.

* In the extreme south-west of Turkey, on the Datca peninsula, there is a small archaeological town of Knidos. This is one of the best historical legends in Turkey, preserved in excellent condition. You will find the Statue of Demeter in one place, and there were two Lions in the ancient harbor that stood guard, but they are now in the British Museum in London. The main attractions are the Temple of Aphrodite and the Necropolis. Excavations continue, and for more than half a century more and more amazing finds have been discovered. Since Knidos is considered a remote area, the best way to get there is by boat. This is a must stop for all yacht charters and is one site that will provide many great memories as well as photos.

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Day 7

Day 7 Papuc Burnu

To the north of Bodrum is the nose-shaped Papuc Burnu Bay. It is considered a good yacht charter destination in Turkey and the clear blue water provides a pleasant swim in the sea as well as a short visit to the shore.

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Day 8

Day 8 Bodrum

After a magnificent yacht charter, you return to Bodrum and prepare to fly home. This is the perfect time to visit this wonderful city and enjoy the latest (but not the last) taste of Turkey. Bodrum is a gem surrounded by golden sunsets and azure waters. You should really try all the local cuisine, cultural attractions and visit the waterfront at the famous Bodrum Castle, built from the stones of the Mausoleum in Halicarnassus. It houses an amazing Museum of Underwater Archeology, a must-see in Bodrum.

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